Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok, new lesson learned

My new lesson this week cost me hundreds of hours, am I the only one learning anything the hard way? I opened up a face book page, my space page, flicker, stylehive, thisnext, and blog. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing. I've read threads and threads telling me this is a great way to get traffic to your store. So week after week I add a few friends to my face book, I down load pictures to stylehive, I look at store after store on linkreferal. I have not spamed I am very careful about that. I'm never really sure what to do so I just keep trying to make friends I try to be consistent and do all of these things daily. I also made a page on face book with my shop. I have spent hundreds of hours doing all of this. I think I spend almost 2 hours a day keeping all of this going. My face book has been the funniest, I like to meet people and I really try to make good friends. I made a fans page on face book I knew I needed to make fans but not sure how. I have had a lot of fun reading peoples profiles, finding new shops and just being snoopy. Well I've been KICKED OFF!!!!! of face book Yep, they shut me down. I was in shock I have not even spamed or even came close to it. So here is my lesson only make a few friends a week on face book, absolutely no more. I think my few friends a day added up and maybe people all said yes on the same day. This may have looked like spam because there was the same action done in a large amount. Does that make sense. Yes, I spent hundreds of hours loading pictures, writing profile, and talking to people and now it's all gone. This was hard for me I kept a lot of information their. I had friends I have no way of getting in touch with again. This has been a painful lesson and I want others to learn from it. Yes, I can make another account but I think I'm going to try something first. I do not like my space at all so I think I'm going to close that account anyway.

I'm now going to experiment and here's how. Now that I don't have my face book I'm going to keep track of my sells and views. I'm not going to do anything but blog. No flicker, no stylehive, no thisnext, not even linkreferal. I want to see if things change. So far things have really changed. I have had 15 views in 5 days, ouch. So I think face book was a huge help for views. But for actual sells it will be interesting to find out what happened. I have still sold about the same amount as last week. So my question is where are my real buyers coming from? Face book may have been a waist of time, I want to know for sure it was a lot of time spent on talking to (I thought may be) potential buyers.

Off to my sons football game, time to do something really important! I'm going to wear my new ring too!!!!! (plug)


Creating Cupcakes said...

I wondered where you went on facebook! I've been meaning to wish you a happy birthday for a week now, but Lily has been sick and crying non stop. I keep thinking I'll call you when she stops crying. Happy Birthday!

eNVe said...

WOW, so sorry to hear that! Thanks for sharing this lesson though. I have a facebook and myspace, but just for me personally. I haven't even thought of trying to advertise through those venues and thanks to your warning, I'll think twice about doing that. I wish you the best of luck with this new phase!

btw, I got here because I saw you on fp of etsy (congrats!) then through your etsy shop announcement. Great shop you have! I'm sure you'll continue to do very well. :)


batty said...

You don't know me, but I love your stuff. You should try to sell it through local art shows. Two good ones are and
You'd probably sell well there.

Amy Chace said...

Thanks for writing this. I found it helpful and interesting. I am on etsy too which is how I found you ( Also, feel free to visit my blog too-

Amy Chace said...


Shirley Lim said...

Lovely work you have.

Designs By RuKar said...

I just started on Facebook and only have one friend so far. Not sure how to go about locating new ones, even though I joined the group for Etsy sellers.

It's a shame that they kicked you off. Hopefully the friends you had there will still be able to find you through Etsy or your blog.

I can't seem to get any results with MySpace although I have to admit I just started that one last week. I've been on Twitter now for about 2 weeks and have seen a dramatic increase in views, but no sales. :(
Good luck whichever way you decide to go.
I am going to add you to my list :)

schamka said...

Oh, I am sorry for that unpleasant lesson!

Thank you for visiting my blog leaving your comment(

Left & Write said...

I came across your blog, then went to look for you on Facebook... then I read a few more sentences and saw that they had shut you down.

I read that on their T&C's.. but it did say if they have shut you down unfairly.. you can write to them and they will reinstate your account.

It must be just some computer monitoring it all... so if you appeal to a human being with common sense, your account should be put back, and your hard work would not have been for nothing.

Hope you get back on it!