Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ideas did they come?

Ok I do this idea thing all the time, make list after list but you do have to choose something not just make lists. I have several ideas and then start. I have learned to only make one. yes repeat only make one. I can dream of something and think it is the coolest thing and everyone in the world will just love it. Well, a few weeks later I think why did I think that was sooooo cool. No one wants that. Yes it happens our ideas are cool one day and not so cool the next. Please only make one, then sell it and then make one and sell it and then make one and sell it. When you truly know it is an absolutly awesome item make more. I still make one at a time. My sister in law is doing awesome and she only makes one at a time. www.vinylwallart.com (little plug for her, not that she needs it.) Ok this is my advise for the day. Only make one at a time. wait 3 weeks and try the next item.

We also must advertise. I am still learning about this and right now I am trying to be consistant at the same things daily. posting pictures in flickr, adding friends to facebook, posting on my blog, (hee, hee), linkreferal, I can't think of the others right now but I know I have more. I had my best day sep. 1 six sells in one day. I only had 2 the whole week before and then 6 in one day. weird. Small things will make great things happen.


Jelveh Designs said...

Hi, I could so use this idea, making one thing at a time, my head swims with so many ideas in glass beads...for this I have many differetn type of clients some like organics, some like other more geometrics and the list goes on...I will try this...
great blog

Cbt's Closet said...

great advice! your rings are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
i know what you mean about making 1 at a time cause i used to do it all the time!

isn't it funny that sometimes a piece of jewelry can sit for a while in your store...then someone finally buys it...and then someone begs you to recreate it :p
so on popular items i have made multiples of :)

your store is great and i have been admiring it...for a while now :)

Deb DiSalvo said...

Congrats on your sales! That's funny because the same thing seems to happen to me - I will go weeks without selling anything and then in one day, I'll sell 3 or 4 items at once! Your blog is great - I'll stop by often!