Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy Thing Happend Today

Ok, my emotions took over here for a while during this but I'm ok now. ( I know we are all glad Julie is ok) A week or two ago I had a custom order I did for someone through Etsy. She was very nice and before I agreed to make the order for her I asked her not to sell them on etsy. She assured me she would not and that she was giving them away to friends at work. Well today I found them on etsy for sale. You can imagine I was pretty angry I wrote her an e-mail asking her to take them down and told her I was disappointed in her for not keeping her word. I attached a copy of our original agreement to not sell them on etsy. You get the idea, I was mad and I expressed it the best way I new how. Well she writes back and said 3 girls quit at work and she has no one to give them to now. She said she would take them down and she was sorry. After a few hours of thinking and thinking I decided she was probable telling the truth so I told her to go ahead and sell them and try to make some money. I apologies for being angry and wished her the best.
Through this experience I have learned a few things. First of all I have no idea if she was telling me the truth, I will never really know. It does not matter, I learned not to jump to conclusions. Instead of being an enemy I need to make her my friend. I really felt good about my decision to tell her to continue to sell them. Well my lesson here was don't be revengeful it does not make you feel as good as forgiveness. That is all I need to say. No one is perfect, especially me I admit it to my children daily. I just hope people can be forgiving to me too.

WELL THEY CAN (I did not realize it would happen on the same day). A ring I mailed out last week was delivered broken today. OUCH, The girl was VERY, VERY kind and understanding she said she knows it happens. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.



Annabelle said...

What a great revelation you had this week. You're right -- it seems that we jump to one conclusion before getting all the facts. Our instincts kick in and we don't pause to hear the other person before striking out.

Thanks for the reminder.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

A good lesson. I definately agree what goes around comes around. When you're a good and honest person, you get that in return one way or another.

Wenz said...

Indeed, what goes around comes around. You have a beautiful soul, and the kindness is payed forward. And yes, staying angry sometimes feels good, but it eats you up from inside, so you did the right thing not letting it bother you, no matter if she spoke the truth or not. You rock. :)

Valerie said...

I am so glad for you and thanks for sharing your lesson learned!

Simply Sarah's said...

A great lesson! That would have been my first reaction as well but anger and retaliation is not right. Why do we always get mad first? WEird?

Mandy said...

I like your attitude. Thanks for being open-minded and for sharing this. Very admirable. :)