Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diamond Ring Collection

Just listed!! a wonderful way to start you collection of acrylic rings. In this listing you can choose any 3 of the 32 rings available in my shop for an amazing price of $25.00 and free shipping.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot Item This Week

Hot items of the week!

I thought that this was cute, but how cute we never really know until we sale, sale, sale.

This has been my hot item of the week.

Here is a trendy pendant in the shape of (brass knuckles) So what do you call them if their not brass? I did have a problem with that I wasen't sure what to call them. I you have any sugetions please let me know. My clever name is "Pink Brass Knuckles"

I would love to share your hot item of the week on my blog!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do The Local Motion...............

This is a fabulous treasury, I am sooooooooo happy to be a part of, thanks a million to www.zone.etsy.com

Zone is a cute trendy etsy shop offering adorable bags purses wallets and clutches. This family owned business has great prices here is one of her trendy little baba bags I just think its adorable. The diversified collection reflects a fresh casual unisex line ,baby bags and also elegant purses for women.

* What makes zone designs unique and so uncommon is the dialog between the different fabrics, shades and textures.

* All items are made with care and are original creations or limited editions.

Thanks again for adding me to your treasury!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok, new lesson learned

My new lesson this week cost me hundreds of hours, am I the only one learning anything the hard way? I opened up a face book page, my space page, flicker, stylehive, thisnext, and blog. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing. I've read threads and threads telling me this is a great way to get traffic to your store. So week after week I add a few friends to my face book, I down load pictures to stylehive, I look at store after store on linkreferal. I have not spamed I am very careful about that. I'm never really sure what to do so I just keep trying to make friends I try to be consistent and do all of these things daily. I also made a page on face book with my shop. I have spent hundreds of hours doing all of this. I think I spend almost 2 hours a day keeping all of this going. My face book has been the funniest, I like to meet people and I really try to make good friends. I made a fans page on face book I knew I needed to make fans but not sure how. I have had a lot of fun reading peoples profiles, finding new shops and just being snoopy. Well I've been KICKED OFF!!!!! of face book Yep, they shut me down. I was in shock I have not even spamed or even came close to it. So here is my lesson only make a few friends a week on face book, absolutely no more. I think my few friends a day added up and maybe people all said yes on the same day. This may have looked like spam because there was the same action done in a large amount. Does that make sense. Yes, I spent hundreds of hours loading pictures, writing profile, and talking to people and now it's all gone. This was hard for me I kept a lot of information their. I had friends I have no way of getting in touch with again. This has been a painful lesson and I want others to learn from it. Yes, I can make another account but I think I'm going to try something first. I do not like my space at all so I think I'm going to close that account anyway.

I'm now going to experiment and here's how. Now that I don't have my face book I'm going to keep track of my sells and views. I'm not going to do anything but blog. No flicker, no stylehive, no thisnext, not even linkreferal. I want to see if things change. So far things have really changed. I have had 15 views in 5 days, ouch. So I think face book was a huge help for views. But for actual sells it will be interesting to find out what happened. I have still sold about the same amount as last week. So my question is where are my real buyers coming from? Face book may have been a waist of time, I want to know for sure it was a lot of time spent on talking to (I thought may be) potential buyers.

Off to my sons football game, time to do something really important! I'm going to wear my new ring too!!!!! (plug)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy Thing Happend Today

Ok, my emotions took over here for a while during this but I'm ok now. ( I know we are all glad Julie is ok) A week or two ago I had a custom order I did for someone through Etsy. She was very nice and before I agreed to make the order for her I asked her not to sell them on etsy. She assured me she would not and that she was giving them away to friends at work. Well today I found them on etsy for sale. You can imagine I was pretty angry I wrote her an e-mail asking her to take them down and told her I was disappointed in her for not keeping her word. I attached a copy of our original agreement to not sell them on etsy. You get the idea, I was mad and I expressed it the best way I new how. Well she writes back and said 3 girls quit at work and she has no one to give them to now. She said she would take them down and she was sorry. After a few hours of thinking and thinking I decided she was probable telling the truth so I told her to go ahead and sell them and try to make some money. I apologies for being angry and wished her the best.
Through this experience I have learned a few things. First of all I have no idea if she was telling me the truth, I will never really know. It does not matter, I learned not to jump to conclusions. Instead of being an enemy I need to make her my friend. I really felt good about my decision to tell her to continue to sell them. Well my lesson here was don't be revengeful it does not make you feel as good as forgiveness. That is all I need to say. No one is perfect, especially me I admit it to my children daily. I just hope people can be forgiving to me too.

WELL THEY CAN (I did not realize it would happen on the same day). A ring I mailed out last week was delivered broken today. OUCH, The girl was VERY, VERY kind and understanding she said she knows it happens. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ideas did they come?

Ok I do this idea thing all the time, make list after list but you do have to choose something not just make lists. I have several ideas and then start. I have learned to only make one. yes repeat only make one. I can dream of something and think it is the coolest thing and everyone in the world will just love it. Well, a few weeks later I think why did I think that was sooooo cool. No one wants that. Yes it happens our ideas are cool one day and not so cool the next. Please only make one, then sell it and then make one and sell it and then make one and sell it. When you truly know it is an absolutly awesome item make more. I still make one at a time. My sister in law is doing awesome and she only makes one at a time. www.vinylwallart.com (little plug for her, not that she needs it.) Ok this is my advise for the day. Only make one at a time. wait 3 weeks and try the next item.

We also must advertise. I am still learning about this and right now I am trying to be consistant at the same things daily. posting pictures in flickr, adding friends to facebook, posting on my blog, (hee, hee), linkreferal, I can't think of the others right now but I know I have more. I had my best day sep. 1 six sells in one day. I only had 2 the whole week before and then 6 in one day. weird. Small things will make great things happen.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't be scared

I want to share with you some things I've learned in my many success and failures over the last 15 years.
Don't be scared of trying something new. Ok you do need to try things that interest you. But if you don't try you'll never know. Just think you might end up really likening the new thing you just tried. I had plenty of things I thought I would like because the money would be good. But I don't end up liking it. So start out thinking about what you have around you. I look at the resources I have, then brain storm with those.
1-Do you have a sewing machine, computer, camera, jewelry tools, ect.
2- do you know how to use them. (do not buy anything it is not necessary until you are making money)
Then Ask Your Self
1-what can I do with this? Make a list of new ideas take several days doing this.
2-Would anyone like it. (ok this is sort of no brainier I have seen almost every thing sell on etsy)
3-Would I enjoy doing this?
4-Would I make any money doing this? (remember to ask yourself this alot, I have found that it takes a lot more time making thing than I thought. You really have to like what you are doing or you have to be making money at it. those 2 things are the only things that will keep you doing it. This brings us to the next question.
5-Is it worth your time?
I think the net is an awesome place to try things for pennies. people don't know you are maybe using your camera phone, and a white piece of paper for your photo studio. They don't know you go to the library for the internet. If you can make things look professional you are professional.

I hope you are all trying new things often continue to learn monthly about new things, expanding our minds is so important as humans. It makes us feel important. If you have kids notice how they act when they learn something new, they show it off. We also do the same thing as adults, We need to continually feeding our minds with positive good information.

More on goods and bads Lists Next Post

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Diamonds and Sprinkles

I have a very fun collection of unique, yet trendy, jewelry all from acrylic and mirrored acrylic glass. My Silhouette designs are chic yet eye-catching. I think they would be perfect for that little black dress or a jeans outfit. Then we have this collection of colorful, spunky, reflective piece suitable for a night on the town or club dancing! And at these steal-worthy prices, they would make great gifts and stocking stuffers :)

Zoo Animals Are Here

I have not had time to blog much I have been learning so many things this summer it has been a little overwhelming. I would love to get the hang of all this fun stuff the internet has to offer. I would like to share a cute little ring I have in my shop with you. My Rino ring he is adorable he sits so contently on your finger. Very happy to be their he never complains always willing to be shown off. He does like to take naps so you do need to lay him down now and again for a rest. He comes in all sizes and sits above the finger about 3/4 inch.